• Ultra suction dentures

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    Ultra Suction Dentures

    Ultra Suction™ is a patented system that is designed to hold upper and lower dentures in place with a mounted valve and suction chamber. The system utilizes two valves that are embedded into the denture and are connected by the 1mm air passages that lead to the suction chamber. When the patient inserts the denture and bites firmly, the air trapped between the tissue and the denture is expelled through the one-way valves. The result is a better fit to the tissue and a more stable denture, giving the patient a firm and secure feeling. The fit is so reliable that in most cases the upper palate can be gradually cut out after 6-8 weeks. 

    Advantages and Benefits

    • Improved Stability: Utilizing the patented One-Way Ultra Suction Valves
    • Improved Taste, Phonetics and Comfort: With the reduction of the upper palatal coverage
    • Design Versatility: Allows for use in new dentures or can be relined into existing dentures
    • Increased Patient Confidence: Less worries about poor fitting dentures
    • Affordable Option: For patients that want more than a standard denture can provide